Why You Should Be Using G Suite For Your Business

G Suite by Google is an absolutely perfect addition to any business no matter the size. For those of you who don’t know, G Suite is a collection of apps that are designed for productivity and collaboration. This will make your business start working smoother than ever before. There are a lot of apps that come with the Google Suite but there are some highlights that we think that you will find most beneficial.

Google Calendar

Within a business there are always new meetings being scheduled, client phone calls and other such things being added to people’s agendas. In the past these business necessities often end up having lots of issues surround them such as people being misinformed, missing meetings and just an overall miscommunication. Google Calendar solves these issues perfectly. Everyone in your team can have access to the same calendar and add to it as they see fit. This way everyone is always kept up to date on what is going on. The calendar can also set reminders so that everyone turns up to meetings on time.

Google Drive

Google Drive is pretty self explanatory, it’s basically an online storage cloud for all of your files. However this is not as boring as it sounds. It allows all your work to be found in one place. All of your documents, presentations and spreadsheets are all saved here. Also, just in case you can’t remember the name of your documents there’s no need to worry because thanks to the search engine it can search based on document content as well so you’re never going to have missing files again. Another handy feature of Google Drive is its sharing options. No matter what file it is whether that be a presentation or a spreadsheet, you can share it with as many people as you need to and your team can all edit it simultaneously if given the correct permission or simply just view it. The Google Drive is also automatically synced across all of your devices so you’ll be able to keep up with work even if you aren’t near a computer.

Google Mail

Not only does Google Mail give you a lot of useful features, it does something just as important for your business. It can improve your brand image. Google suite allows your employees to have an email with your business domain name, for example johnsmith@yourbusinessname.com. When you are emailing customers and clients this really helps to portray a professional business. Google mail is also perfect for when you would like to start an email marketing campaign because it also has all of Google’s advanced security features. Google Mail or Gmail also comes with 24/7 customer support so if you are struggling to integrate some other Google apps then they can always answer any questions that you may have.


Google Suite is extremely generous with the amount of storage that you get. With a standard Google account you get 15GB of storage. However, when you get the Google Suite it is doubled to 30GB. This is going to give you and your employees ample room for all of your needs. Just to clarify, thats 30GB for each separate email address.

Google Hangouts

Often under appreciated, Google Hangouts is one of the apps where you don’t realise you need it until you don’t have it. In modern day businesses often there are employees who can’t always work in the office because they’ll be at home or abroad even. The Google Suite solution to this is Google Hangouts. It is an online video conference app that also lets you in basic text chat as well. With features like screen sharing it is perfect for giving presentations or perhaps even training an employee.

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