Why It’s Important To Maintain A WordPress Website

Some people think that once you have created a website then that’s the job done. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order to have a successful website for your business it needs to be frequently maintained. This is because there are lots of things that go into creating a website and they change frequently. A WordPress website has many different parts and if these become too outdated it can affect the functionality of your website. So here I am going to explain some of the reasons why you need to be maintaining your websites.

WordPress updates

Here at Biz25 we create our websites using WordPress. Fortunately, WordPress is constantly updating its service in order for us to build the highest quality websites that we can. This means that every time that WordPress updates, your website is going to need to be updated as well. WordPress Programmers will release updates when they detect a threat to their security or when they release new features. In essence, when your website is using the latest WordPress update you are ensuring that your website is as healthy as it can be.

Plugin updates

Plugins and apps within your website add a lot of extra features and functionality to your website. So when these are not up to date it is only natural that you are going to see a noticeable drop in the performance of your website. Not only will the performance of your website be hindered but out of date plugins can also expose you and your customers/site visitors to security threats.


There is no other way of going about this apart from saying this . . . website backups are essential! If you are really trying to grow your business then your website, without a doubt is an integral part of your brand. So if you were to lose such a large part of your brand then your business will suffer. Put simply, your business cannot afford to not have proper website backup maintenance. When you back up your website you make sure that if your site should crash, then you won’t lose your site information or customer data.

Security threats

As you can probably tell, a poorly maintained website is going to be victim to all sorts of safety threats. As previously mentioned, out of date website features are perfect for hacking attempts. Any broken link that is embedded in your website is going to leave you open to security breaches such as taking advantage of transaction vulnerabilities.

Product/service updates

When you are building up a business, inevitably there are going to be slight changes and additions to your products/service. So it is important that features such as product pages, contact info and business information are kept up to date. This will ensure that your business is always being viewed at your highest standard.

Poor SEO Performance

Another reason you are going to want to keep your website well maintained is to keep your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) at a good level. If you don’t do this then your website will fall further and further down the rankings until it’s like your website has disappeared. The more problems that out of date pages cause the further your rankings will fall. I don’t think it needs to be stressed how much of a negative impact this will have on your business and brand.

The signs of a neglected website are always evident when you experience them whilst browsing online. For those of you who aren’t sure of what an out of date website will behave like, one of the most prominent indicators is page loading problems. When a site has been left for too long it will have lots of unnecessary content and faulty plugins which will cause the entire website to be slow and sometimes even unresponsive. When a website behaves in such a way then it is practically turning away potential customers and clients because of a poor user experience.

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