Hosting + Maintenance

Fast Hosting & Pro Maintenance

A companies website should be updated, maintained and running on ultra fast hosting for the best performance and to keep it secure. We make sure a companies website is running on fast cloud hosting so that users are always getting the best experience whilst on the website. We also make sure the website is maintained and updated so that it is always performing, in addition we carry out  performance checks and scans on a regular basis to make sure everything is running efficiently.


Ultra Fast Hosting

Our cloud hosting uses innovative technology to offer unmatched resource efficiency and website speed. Our hosting makes sure your website loads fast for all visitors.

UK Based Servers

Our hosting servers are all based in the UK, giving all our UK clients the quickest local speeds available, we also use a CDN for websites on an international level.

SSL Certificate

All websites we host come with an SSL certificate as standard which enables HTTPS for your website, there are many advantages to having SSL for your website!

Performance Checks

Checks can be carried out daily or weekly on your website's performance which means we can always make sure your website optimised for performance and speed.

Security Monitoring

Powerful security scans are performed weekly on your website. These scans detect any malware on your website and also if your website has been blacklisted.

Uptime Monitoring

With uptime monitoring we are notified should your website ever go down for any reason, meaning we can quickly fix the issue before you loose any sales or leads.

Client Area

Client Areas keep your information in one handy place, they store details of your plan, Marketing Recommendations, Reports, Log of Work & Shared Google Drive folders.

Marketing Recommendations

Recommendations help you to continually improve your marketing so that you are constantly growing as a company and increasing leads and sales.

WordPress Core Updates

WordPress is a core part of your website so it is important this is kept up to date. We make sure all core updates are done safely so as not effect your website.

Theme Updates

A website theme is another major part of your website, again we make sure all updates are done in safe environment to make sure there are no conflicts with any updates.

Plugin Updates

Plugins add functionality to your website, some website have one or two, some can have a lot more. We make sure when updating these plugins that no conflicts effect your website.

Monthly Report​

A monthly or weekly report is produced that shows all the maintenance work that is carried out, this can also include an overview for Google Analytics, SEO rankings & online sales.


Back-ups, whether weekly, daily or hourly are one of the most important features of a maintenance plan, should anything go wrong you will have a back-up of your website.

Allocated Support Time

Support time helps when small tasks/jobs are needed to be carried out on a website frequently or you wish to have a certain level of support available to you for help.

Shared Google Drive

Having a shared Google Drive helps improve the way we share documents/work to each other as well as making sure we both have access up to date files when they are needed.

Log of Work

Having the previous 3 months of work logged in your Client Area can help you access what work has been done and the ROI this has given.


  • Our Hosting + Maintenance packages are built around your business. We make sure your package is built to properly support your website and its needs.

It is essential for any WordPress site's performance to have a maintenance package in place

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