Top Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Website

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Quite often small business will overlook having a website because they don’t think they’re business is large enough for one. Or sometimes they don’t feel like they would benefit from one. This is a frame of mind they need to get rid of because they are losing out on good business opportunities. So in order to help remedy this, here are a few reasons why your small business NEEDS a website.

Always open for business

When you have part of your business online, you’ll never need to close the doors again. If you are selling products then you can be making money outside of your business hours. More and more people are purchasing products and services outside of the “nine to five” window and a having a website will certainly accommodate that.

Larger potential reach

Moving your business onto the “world wide web” is going to give you a “world wide” market. Whether you are selling products or a service getting your business in front of as many people as possible is essential. With companies like Google on your side there is no reason that, combined with a good marketing strategy, you won’t see a drastic increase in sales.


In 2018 every customer is going to expect a good business to have a website. So if that is what the customers expect from you, then that is exactly what you are going to have to give them. Also take a look at your competitors. If all of them have good websites and you don’t then clearly you’re missing out. In contrast, if none of your competitors do have websites then getting your business a website is only going to paint your business an even better image and reputation.

You control your image

Having a website for your business is the best way to get your business, brand and personality in front an audience. With features such as blog you will quickly be able to convey your brand personality and ethos. Having your own website can also provide your business with some social proof. As well as having reviews on sources such as Yelp, Google and TrustPilot you can have customer/client testimonials on your own website which helps build the trust between you and your potential customer.

More marketing avenues

Once your business has a good website you are immediately opening up other avenues of marketing for your business. Not only is your website like a incredibly detailed online billboard, which in itself is a good marketing source. Websites are great for marketing campaigns such as an email marketing campaigns which are good at keeping your business fresh in the minds of customers.

Your website is the core of your marketing campaign

Before you get ahead of yourself and start buying packs of business cards, brochures, pamphlets and flyers you need to make sure you have got your website right. This is going to be the hub of all your business information. Any new updates to your business and brand should go onto the website first. All of the other marketing methods like the business cards and brochures should be done afterwards. Whatever is written on your business cards and brochures should lead the customer to your website in order to get more information.

Better Value for your Money

Think about how many people a website for your business can reach. Now, think about how much it would cost to send every single one of those people a brochure by post. It would cost a heck of a lot. Having a website works out much cheaper with an infinite reach of people. Also you can save a lot of money on printing costs. Instead of giving a paper copy of your catalogue to every customer you see you can send all of your customers a digital copy as a PDF.

Greater opportunity for data collection

One of the greatest opportunities a website can offer you is email lists. With their permission, you can compile a database of your website visitors emails and then they will be able to stay constantly updated with your business. Collecting emails through a website is much easier than in person especially when you use incentives such as Newsletters and Discount Offers.


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