The Importance of Online Reviews

Have you ever wondered how important online reviews are? Do they actually make a big difference to gaining more business and influence users to click on your business? The definite answer is YES! Up to 90% of users read online reviews before visiting a business, that’s a heck of a large proportion of potential customers!

Only the other day I was looking for some Bay trees for the the either side of the front door, I searched online and found a number of businesses selling what I was after. What was the first thing I did once when I found the websites that were selling them . . I Googled “business name + reviews”. The first business I came across and was more than happy to use has quite a few bad reviews about the plants they sent out on a number of review sites, and just like that they had lost me as a customer.

Now I know some bad reviews can’t be helped, and the more customers we have the more likely we are to once in a while make a mistake that leads to a bad review. The problem is people are very quick to leave a review for a bad service but it is harder to get happy customers to leave a good review online. This is why business need to make a conscious effort to connect with happy customers and direct them to leave a good review.

Back in the days before the internet was so popular if you were looking for a business you would usually ask your friends or family for recommendations and this is still done today but as the internet grows and we have it at our fingers tips whenever we need it, it has become a lot quicker and easier to search online and 88% people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation now!

Don’t just think large businesses with 100’s of reviews are the only ones who benefit from having online reviews. 72% of people say positive reviews make them trust a local business.

Which are the best review site to get reviews on?

It goes without saying we all know the power of Google and I recommend making sure you have a good number of 5 star reviews on Google. When most people are searching for a business someone will say “Google it” and having a bunch of 5 star reviews is what can set you above your competitors! \

Facebook is great site to also get reviews on, people use Facebook 24/7 a day and it is one of the main places they may drop on to checkout your business, so having a good number of high rating reviews maybe what pushes them to use your business.

Yelp is also a top site to get review on as it is one of the most poplar site for users to find local businesses! Here I have just briefly touched on three of the most popular site I would recommend, I will be focusing on different review site in another blog post which I will link to from here when it gets written up.

So although it might time and money to put a system in place that keeps up to date with your customers and encourages them to leave a review once they have bought a product or used your service, it is well worth the investment!

Got some bad reviews online? The worst thing you can do is ignore them, check out our next blog post (which we will link to from here) that helps you deal with bad reviews online.

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