It’s Our Birthday! #4thBirthday

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It has been four years since I first started Biz25, it has been hard work, many late nights and way too many energy drinks but all the work and time put in by myself and Biz25’s growing team has made this year Biz25’s most successful year with an even more exciting future ahead.

Biz25 has grown from a single freelancer (me) building small business websites to a Marketing Studio with an expanding team offering a range of marketing services backed up by glowing reviews from our clients.

Scaling the business up from freelancer to a team has been no easy task and takes a lot of commitment and hard work to make sure as you expand, the service to your clients is kept at a high standard (this just usually means you sleep a lot less as there is never enough time in the day). As Biz25 turns 4 it is nice to see that commitment and hard work paying off and I would like to thank Niles (the first member of Team Biz25) who has worked many late nights alongside me to grow Biz25.

Biz25’s growth also wouldn’t be possible without our amazing clients, many of which first started working with me when I first launched Biz25 in 2014 and have always come back for all their marketing needs. There is no better satisfaction as a business owner to have clients return time and time again and say they wouldn’t use anyone else, I am very grateful for your loyalty.

A Growing Biz25

Over the past year, a lot of work has been going into growing Biz25 behind the scenes while still keeping the exceptional service our clients know and love. I like to continually evolve Biz25 as a business so that we are offering our clients the best service and keeping ahead of our competitors.

We have been hard at work introducing client areas, a powerful communication system to organise all incoming work-related emails between Team Biz25, developing/fine-tuning the services we offer plus developing a number of other new features/services. We are in the final stages of linking all this up to work seamless for all new and existing clients.

I will be doing an article in a few weeks breaking down all the new features/services and how we have fine-tuned working with Biz25 and made it a seamless enjoyable experience, there will be quite a few updates.

A BIG Thank You

I would like to personally thank all clients past and present that have chosen Biz25 to help grow their business, as it says in our office:

We measure our success on our client’s success!

I look forward to continuing to work with all our existing clients and also I am excited to grow Biz25 and help more clients grow their businesses.

Thank you

Founder & Director

P.S If are wondering what I bought Biz25 for its 4th birthday . . . we have new Biz25 hoodies and t-shirts coming as well as newly designed business cards! I will be sharing these on Biz25’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when they arrive.

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