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Ultra fast platform

Our cloud hosting uses innovative technology to offer unmatched resource efficiency and website speed. Our hosting makes sure your website loads fast for all visitors.

Fully managed hosting

We fully manage every aspect of your hosting including the infrastructure and servers so you can take your mind of the day to day maintenance of hosting and focus on your business .


We offer support by both phone and email should you need a chat with us about your cloud hosting.

UK based servers

Our hosting servers are all based in the UK, giving all our UK clients the quickest local speeds available.

Daily back-ups

We keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost.


If you are expecting a spike in traffic we can help your hosting auto-scale so that your website can cope with the increased traffic and experience no downtime.

We believe in offering our clients the best possible service and that is why we only offer ultra fast cloud hosting

Hosting features

  • SSL Certificates included
  • Dedicated IP
  • MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL
  • Apache/Nginx & CentOS
  • IP Tables Firewall
  • 5 PHP Versions & HHVM
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • SSH Access

Maintenance #1

£ 30
  • Ideal for a small business just wanting fast hosting + maintenance
  • This is perfect for businesses with a marketing retainer
  • Set up as standing order

Maintenance #2

£ 50
  • Perfect for a business wanting hosting, maintenance & small jobs
  • Includes 30 mins of work per month for small jobs
  • Set up as standing order

Maintenance #3

  • Bespoke maintenance for businesses with custom & complex websites
  • Hosting to handle large website with high traffic
  • Set up as standing order

It is essential for any WordPress site's performance to have a maintenance package in place